Small Humans Have Rights

Small Humans Have Rights
Words Fitly Spoken
Small Humans Have Rights

Oct 26 2023 | 00:09:32

Episode 20 October 26, 2023 00:09:32

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Sandra D. Johnson, MHSC, CTP

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On this episode, we deal with a very toxic statement from the past that has not been checked and called out for its subtle ability to support child abuse. Let’s shine a light on a hidden horror that still has remnants and supporters in the 21st century.
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Welcome to at MADISEL Coach and MADISEL TV's Words Fitly Spoken podcast. Hello there. I'm Coach Sandra, and I'm the host of Words Fitly Spoken podcast. Words Fitly spoken are words spoken at the right time for your encouragement and enrichment. On this podcast, we will deal with emotional and mental wellness by talking about the conflict. We have in our everyday relationships, whether at home, work, school, and the community. Stop in to hear some helpful words that create awareness about your emotional health. Hey everybody, welcome back to words fitly spoken. We are back with another episode and another heavy duty statement. Hey The reason I say it's heavy because we're going to just dive into something again. It's an old statement from our ancestors. It's from the past. And this was a belief system that they had. And the reason I want to bring it up in this new millennia is because it traveled through time. And I think that a lot of our mental health Uh, struggles, our emotional wellness, uh, complications are continuing to go on and really starting to, um, be amplified in, in this season that we're in, uh, because these things were never challenged. These statements were made and they became belief systems or they were belief systems that became phrases and the phrases have continued to follow us throughout the generation. So I recently um, heard a parent make the comment that children are to be seen and not heard and uh, that's a We, we may hear it casually and not think a lot of it, but I'm going to say it again. The, the old statement is said, children ought to be seen and not heard. And I think that that statement is toxic, absolutely toxic. And so I want to talk about it for just a few minutes with you. Uh, this statement is not something. That we should be proud of. If, if you were raised, um, by older, an older generation and, um, now you're parenting this new generation, that statement might've been something that was a part of your mealtime talk or it was understood in your house as an older adult, it was understood when you were a child that children are to be seen and not heard. So, what we have to own right now is that statement is really rooted in abuse. The statement is rooted in abuse. You see, um, it's a statement that belongs to an older generation, I understand. And, and I am being fully respectful by speaking truth because it was based on a thinking. Stay with me on this. It's based on a thinking that humans are not created equal. You see, um, the statement says that children do not have a voice. And if. You don't have a voice. It means you don't have value. No voice. It's no value. We're seeing that. We're experiencing that in this present day and we're seeing the increase in depression and suicidal ideations and suicidal behavior. You see the reason I attach it, To the root of abuse. If children are not valued, children are not valuable. Understand I am not saying children are to be worshipped. That is another form of sickness. If you have never heard it before, you are hearing it today. Children are not to be worshipped. No. I am not saying that. Children are are not to be treated as if they are not valuable, that they are not equal in their humanity. You see, if we think that the children are not valuable, then we are saying children should not be protected. That's why I believe the statement is heavily rooted in abuse. If children are to be seen and not heard. That means abuse is welcome to innocent young lives. The statement should shake us at the core. It does me. The statement and the belief behind it has given permission for adults to devalue To dehumanize and abuse minors of that. I am not a fan. I am not a fan of that. So I'm saying to us, if this is a statement that is in any way attached to you, detach yourself from it. Call it out. Do not continue to allow it to be welcome in your home, in your family, in your process of relationship with your young people. No one is greater than. No one is less than. We are all equal. You do not become an equal human when you turn 18. Your equality truly starts in the womb. Y'all deal with that however you want to, but the equality starts in the womb. It should be amplified when a child is born into the earth. So you practice more of the equality by teaching and demonstrating this behavior to a young life. So this is not a simple topic. It's not a simple statement. Again, it's a heavy statement that is rooted in some ugly darkness that we have to call out. And start to face the reality of what it has produced and what it will continue to produce if we welcome it in our homes, in our communities. So. I want children to be seen and heard. Children want children to be seen and heard. I believe a creator God wants children to be seen and heard.   Thank you for coming by. Thank you for listening to this. Share it. Comment on it. Don't forget to subscribe.  We're here to talk about heavy duty topics that will make a difference in our emotional and mental wellbeing. You're worth it. I'm worth it. Every child in the universe is worth it. Let's do things differently. Thank you. Bye bye.

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